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Retention Contract


A non-refundable retainer of $1,500 for either vocational assessment or life care plan (or $2,000 for both) is required upon referral of a case and before listing Kathryn Reid as an expert. It is our policy to be retained by the attorney, not the attorney’s client.

Fees for evaluation, analysis and testimony are $250 per hour for professional time, $165 per hour for travel-related time and $425 per hour for deposition/testimony time. Travel and/or miscellaneous expenses will be billed in addition to the aforementioned fees. Rates may be changed without notice.

Reid Case Management reserves the right to withhold final reports if payment of fees is tardy, until accounts are brought current. Additionally, all outstanding fees must be made prior to appearance at trial or deposition. Payment of fees shall in no way be contingent upon outcome of a case.

The legal representative/referring party hereby guarantees payment and assumes full responsibility for payments of all amounts which become due under the terms of this agreement. In the event of a dispute arising out of the execution of this agreement, or any claimed breach thereof, the substantially prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees together with reasonable costs, whether taxable or not. The matter shall be submitted to adjudication in accordance with either the attorney/client fee dispute resolution process provided by the Washington State Bar Association or the Mandatory Arbitration Rules then in effect for the Superior Court of King County, State of Washington, without regard to the amount in the dispute or the nature of the relief sought. Reid Case Management, Inc. shall have the sole discretion to elect which of the two adjudication procedures shall be used.

Acceptance of Contract:

The undersigned acknowledges that she/he has read the retention contract and hereby agrees to be bound by its terms. The undersigned agrees that this retention contract shall apply to any cases referred to Reid Case Management, by the undersigned, in the future. Reid Case Management will duly execute this agreement on behalf of the referral source.

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